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Water Borne Stories

The stories related here are those that invlolve long trips away, divingor paddling, or any other unusual water related activities.
The page is a bit lite on for content at present, but should grow slowly. As diving was a past obsession for quite a number of years, I intend this area to grow, primarily with diving related stories and photos.

For a number of years, I was involved at various levels, with sports diving locally. A sport which in itself, encourages a greater understanding of our marine environment, as well as our place in it, and our impact on it. Over the years I have seen many strange and memorable things, (people included), both above and below the waters.

G-Man, Cathy and me
G-Man, Cathy and me.

Boring Data
Hmmm... this needs some work! I no longer keep a dive log.

Trips and locations of special interest include :
Favourite Local dives :
  • The Valient
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Sea Dragons
  • South Palm Beach
  • The Birchgrove Park
Sue enters the water
Sue backward rolls into Truk Lagoon

Links of Interest to Divers

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