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The busy metropolis of Sydney is blessed with an abundance of rugged bushland nearby, providing sanctuary and escape from the hectic bustle of modern living. Less than two hours drive away, lie the majestic escarpments and valleys of the Blue Mountains, wherein still lie some most pristine and delicate environments. Visiting these places can require no more than a simple walk along a creek, or may demand bush craft, navigational skills and several days walking just to get there, let alone negotiate the canyon.

The canyon log is my chronological account of the various canyon trips that I have been fortunate enough to invited on, and in some cases, lead.

The trips recorded are CANYON trips, which involve starting high in the range and following a creek or stream as it carves it's way down to the river valley. The Kanangra canyons are generally fairly wide and open. Following the shorter of these is an excersise in abseiling and scrambling. Among the rewards of visiting this area, are the breathtakingly panoramic views along the Kanangra Walls and tributary valleys, as well as the incredible ruggedness of the area.
The Blue Mountains canyons, like Claustral, cut deep into the sandstone below them and over time have worn channels and gutters, deep enough that direct sunlight never reaches the bottom. Walking and swimming through these is a magical tour through a ferny green wonderland. A virtual visit to a lost planet.

I have kept these notes as a reminder to myself of the individual trips, as well as to provide 'some' useful information for following excursions, or to supply to others planning similar outings.

For the ultimate Arm-Chair canyon-climbing-caving experience, you must see The Edge ... Shown in breathtaking IMAX at Katooomba.

With many thanks to my Friends who have all contributed.
Ed emerging from the 'Black Hole of Calcutta'
Ed walks out of the Black Hole of Calcutta
'Claustral Canyon'
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The Image Gallery
Images from selected Canyon Trips
Claustral Canyon
Starlight Canyon
Whungee Wheengee Canyon
Glow Worm Tunnel Canyon
Wollangambe 1 and 2

My Canyon tales [also see Canyon Tales from friends]
Old Trips - one long page (can be slow to load)

trip 1 Kalang Falls Kanangra Walls with Ross Gardyne 4th Dec 93
trip 2 Dione Dell Kanangra Walls with Ross Gardyne 5th Dec 93
trip 3 Dione Dell Kanangra Walls 19 Dec 93
trip 4 KALANG Falls Kanangra Walls with Ross Gardyne April 94
trip 5 Dione Dell Kanangra Walls May 94
trip 6 Claustral Mt Tomah with Ross Gardyne Dec 94
trip 7 Claustral Mt Tomah 23rd March 96
trip 8 Breakfast Ck (Newnes) led by (Peter and Louise) June 96
trip 9 Kowmung (Kanangra) led by (Peter and Louise) July 96
trip 10 Dione Dell Kanangra Walls

New Trips - individual pages (these load faster)
trip 11 Claustral Mt Tomah (with Tove Petterson) April 98
trip 12 Hole-in-the-Wall (Newnes) - Geoff, Tove and the stunt crew ! (Nov 1999)
trip 13 Banks (Newnes) - Geoff, Tove, Andrew, Jen, Terry and Linda ! (11 Dec 1999)
trip 14 Calustral - Ed and Debbie (26th Dec 1999)

2000 (Y2K) Trips
trip 15 Calustral - Anthea, Eddie, Sean, Geoff (3rd Jan Y2K)
trip 16 Starlight - Sean, Ross (8th Jan Y2K)
trip 17 Hole in the Wall and Banks (in a day) - Sean, Rossco, Ed and Geoff (15th Jan Y2K)
trip 18 Starlight Canyon (the video) - Sean, Rossco, Geoff, Jason and myself (20th Feb Y2K)
trip 19 Butterbox Canyon - Geoff, Richard and myself (27th Feb Y2K)
trip 20 Whungee Whengee - Sean and myself (12th March Y2K)
trip 21 Glow Worm Tunnel Canyon - Nicky and Rebbecca (26th March Y2K)
trip 22 Serendipity Canyon - just me (22nd April Y2K)
trip 23 Waterfall of Moss - Sean, Geoff, Ed and Debbie (7th May Y2K)
trip 24 World Vision 40 hr Canyon - er.. Famine Appeal 2000
Wollangambe #1 and #2 together !! (21st May Y2K)

2001 Trips
trip 25 Fortress Ck with Rossco 18th Feb 2001
trip 26 Danae Brook (Andy Mien trip) 3rd Mar 2001
trip 27 Dalpura Ck - 8th Apr 2001
trip 28 Birrabang Brook - 16th Apr 2001
trip 29 Dalpura Ck (Tracey) 1st Dec 2001
trip 30 Dalpura Ck (Sigi) 8th Dec 2001
trip 31 Fortress Ck (Stu and Elizabeth) 22nd Dec 2001
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Anthea starting 1st pitch - Claustral Canyon
Anthea halfway on the 1st pitch
'Claustral Canyon'

2002 Trips
trip 32 Fortress Ck (STu, Nick, Raj and more ...) 19 Jan 2002
trip 33 Claustral (Stu, Richard and Tony) 26 Jan 2002
trip 34 Fortress Ck (Tony) 2nd Feb 2002
trip 35 Butter Box Canyon 9th (Tony Raj Rich Esther) Feb 2002
trip 36 Twister and Rocky Ck (solo) 26th Feb 2002
trip 37 Twister and Rocky Ck (Honeywell) 2nd Mar 2002
trip 38 Serendipity with Barry and Patty 18th Mar 2002
trip 39 Serendipity (Honeywell) 18th May 2002
trip 40 Tiger Snake (Honeywell) 29th June 2002
trip 41 Tiger Snake with Sparky and Stu 15th Sept 2002
trip 42 Starlight (Honeywell) 7th Oct

2003 Trips
Canyons closed for sooo loong ...
No option but to re-discover the joy of ... CAVING !!!
Hooray ! We're canyoning again !
trip 43 Kalang Falls Jan 11th (Richard, Geoff, Pat, Margo and Ben)
trip 44 Kanangra Main Feb 28th (with Richard and Geoff)
trip 45 Claustral Mar 22nd Honeywell
trip 46 Claustral Mar 29nd Honeywell
trip 47 Waterfall of Moss Apr 5th Ma-go, P@ & Ben
trip 48 Du Faurs + Geronimo Apr 18th Richard
trip 49 Dalpura Dec 2003H'well

2004 starts here
trip 50 Butter Box Jan 2004Sparky
trip 51 Butter Box Feb 2004H'well
trip 52 Hole in the wall April 3rd 2004Rich and Whanny
2005 starts here
where did this year go ?
2006 starts here
trip 53 Mar : Twister + Rocky Ck (Honeywell trip)
trip 54 Dec : Twister + Rocky Ck (Sparky and the Eggs!)

2007 starts here [What's in store for 2007 ?]
trip 55 Jan 13th: Hole in the Wall (Sparky, the Eggs, Steve, Belinda and Mark!)
trip 56 Jan 28th: Coachwood (Sparky, the Eggs, Elain, Ben, Steve and Rob!)
trip 57 Feb 10th: FireFly (Sparky and the Eggs)

2008 starts here [What's in store for 2008 ?]
WTF! - I can't belive it! We missed the whole year ....

2009 starts here [What's in store for 2009 ?]
trip 58 Feb 15th: Wollongambie ONE (Sparky, Elaine and the Eggs)
trip 59 Mar 1st 2009 CLAUSTRAL (Eee Eggs and WiSp)
trip 60 Mar 7th 2009 ButterBox (Eggs and WiSp)

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