Lawley Cottage 2006

wide image of our house

South Coast Track walk with the Egg's

Glenn Visits OZ
Glenn Snowies camping
Glenn at the Zoo
Glenn meets Palm Beach lifeguards
Glenn learns about ocean kayaks
Sparky gets a new FSR!
Sparky and the girls "go to the Show"
Canberra Easter w/end
Dirtworks 100km Classic
Sparky Visits Steph on Groote
Visit Pat and Margo in Adelaide
Fjellheim 2006
Sparky run's in City to Surf
Lake Maquarie Rogain
Italian Dinner
Sparky's w/end at Jo's
Ron and Doreen visit
Circ du solei (Vakera)
World Rogain Championships 2006
Medlow Bath w/end
Mini Golf
Highland Fling 2006
Sculptures by the Sea
Urban Polaris