Lawley Cottage's year of 2004

2004 seems to have gone so quickly ! Where does the time go ?

Trying to trace what we've done over the past year we found we actually had quite a few photos from quite a few things. In retrospect, some of the events are now hard to place exactly when they occurred but some are obvious.

Sparky's Mum and Dad (Doreen and Ron) came to visit at the start of the year and we managed to treat them to the adventure of retrieving Wit’s car from out at Mount Hay. (The keys having drowned whilst canyoning and stranding us there).

Not long after, and still in January, Sparky arranged tickets to a live performance of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in honour of Nicola's birthday. After that we stopped by in Darling Harbour just in time to see the water skiing demo

Nicky's party was held at the climbing gym. As usual, the girls are always fairly quiet there ...

Climbing was calling and a trip to Nowra was on the horizon we were to meet the (in)famous "Werner Burner". With that in mind we launched ourselves at Barrenjoey and Berowra for some warming up and Wit met Al for the first time.

Al was preparing at that time to head off on a kayaking tour, so we took the opportunity to ...
HAVE A PARTY!!! in honour of Elaine’s' Birthday.

We explored making our own Easter egg decorations but the best ones are the Fimbles !

Now the heat of summer was fading and outdoor activities were starting to multiply. Terry and Linda, ever famous for their over night trips had planned a two day walk in the 'Blueys which was dubbed the Pots, Cox, Dogs walk. Knowing how hard it can be to keep up with them we embarked on a series of ambitious work-up walks with Elaine through the spectacular Berowra area, (close to home)...

With the weather turning cooler now, we both jumped at the opportunity to take some time off together and head up to the Warrumbugles. Terry's walking notes in hand ! But not before another training walk. This time around Manly. Would you believe we got covered in sleet ! At sea level ! In Sydney !!!

Winter finally arrived and with it the first dumps of snow to our snow fields, and so we made hast to the lodge at Perisher. Later in the season we embarked on an ambitious XC camping trip near Guthega with Steph and Elaine. Here we met Barbara and David as well and had a brilliant time skiing and walking and seeing of the famed and fabled regions heading up onto our main range.

Somewhere around here we even managed to fit in a White Christmas as well !

Spring time and after one of the hottest and driest summer/autumn/winter combinations, our garden absolutely exploded into life. With it, the bird life that came visiting was equally spectacular.. Even Tweety Pie !

Keeping the figurative ball rolling activity wise, we managed to entertain everyone with out results in a few Rogaines and more recently had a wonderful day cycling around Canberra competing in the Urban Polaris

A little more climbing out at Tarana came to fruition, and we were enlightened to the ways of granite slabs ... A big difference to the juggy sandstone we are used to !

More enjoyable weekends with Nicky and Rebecca. We had long planned to take them horse riding. Sparky definitely has a talent for this! But I came back wanting to buy a horse!

A little ART was in need, and so Bondi helps out with it's annual 'Sculptures by the Sea'.

The most recent event was Auntie Steph's birthday. Complete with sparklers and green icing.

These are our photos for 2004, but there have been many other undocumented but memorable bike rides, kayaking days, walks, climbs, drives, dinner parties.

We look forward to many more adventures, outings and more fun things next year and hope you enjoy our photos too !

Merry Christmas to you all and all the very best wishes for safe and happy, New Year !