Mt Canobolas Ride 2003

Patrick and Margo devised an cunning plan for riding out at Orange one week end. The plan in brief, was to be shuttled to the top of Mt Canobolas and from there, ride the fire trails and tracks down into the pine plantations, across the creek and up the other side into open pasture. From there, make our way out to the road, and thence a few more km's to the Pub, where we already had a table booked for lunch and a ride home in the truck.

All went well, including finding our way up from the creek, but the 20 odd year old maps didn't show the new property boundaries and we were now well and truly 'stuck' in the middle of several private properties, all with big un-friendly PRIVATE - KEEP OUT signs. In our searching for the way out, Margo mannaged to pass Pat in spectacular fasion on one sandy corner, to take the lead for about as long as you can say "OOoooooohhhhhh !!!! Ow!!!"... Knee and Elbow graze anyone ?

With all avenues exhausted and nothing left to venture, we crossed a gate and began riding cautiosily towards the road. As we passed the homestead, about 200 dogs of variouse breeds and attitudes came barreling out to (greet?) us, along with the (slightly unhappy) owner.

We stopped and Terry imediatley dismounted to greet the owner, explain our dilemma and ask for directions. Boldy he strode towards the man, who suddenly looked worried and holding his hands up yelled. "Don't move.. Keep Still !!! The dogs will go you !!!".

Unperturbed, Terry walked through the sea of dog's like Moses, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. I think the owner went into shock and suddenly became very aimiable, pointing out directions on Terry's map and gesturing for us to use his driveway to get back onto the main road. The driveway proved fast and easy. Too fast and too easy for me. Somehow I managed to bend my front rim, (and wear a couple of holes in my clothes and body). Elbow, shoulder, hip and palm grazes anyone ?

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