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This site is developed using a multidue of tools, but mostly now just Context as the editor, basic HTML and some PERL.
Images are created using 3D Studio and PaintshopPro.
The Site is Hosted by Server 101.
EVP (formerly Shakey Productions)is a concept that nearly died out completely in 1996, but has has remained dormant, (in the back rooms of my mind), for the past years. I prefer to think of it as 'lurking ...'

The intended format and purpose for this site has meadnered somewhat since the original concept, but that's OK. It's meant to change and morph over time. Unfortunately, that means some inconsistency in the sites 'look and feel', for which I appologise in advance. Essentially the purpose of this site is to provide a centralised storage place for the stories and images that capture the fondest memories, of enjoyable times.

This site would be pretty sparse without the submissions of my friends.

Please drop me an email to report any broken links to me.
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