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SnowiesTrip Notes Page

The 'Snowies page' is my collection of reports from my trips in and about the Snowy Mountains.
(There is nothing here about resort skiing, but stories exist for a few XC, overnight and walking trips that I have completed).
They are compiled in cronological order and are revised and added to from time to time, as I recall more of each trip.

The first 4 trips have been collectivley labled 'Club Lake' trips, because it was a photo
of this area that unlocked for me, a hidden and secret desire to visit the snow country.
Since then I have been drawn to return to, and visit these alpine areas more often.
To learn more of their nature and history.

For those who's yearly visit to the snow consists of a week or so of resort skiing,
these stories are for you.
Next time, when you get off at the top of the lift, don't turn around and ski down again ...
Ski forward and beyond the imposed boundary.

Get your butt out there !

You'll feel so much better...

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