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Mountaineering Trip Notes Page
Legend Photos included Movie (AVI) included Added recently Still to be written up
Last updated April 2001 !

Mountaineering and the like
The Image Gallery

Kicking Back in Mackenzie Country pics (no thumbnails, just links)
Aspiring Trip 2000 (the Axe wielding terror trip!)
Aspiring Trip 2001 (Summit on the 3rd Jan !)

The Stories

  • Kicking back in Mackenzie Country (Tales from the Tasman Glacier Jan 1999)
    Ch3 Part4 added June 25th 2000 and some pictures from the tales
  • Nick's Journeys in NEPAL!
  • Steph also has a Nepalise tale to tell. to be added soon
  • "Use my leg Wit !" ... Axe Wielding Terror at Mt Aspiring to be added soon
  • The Aspiring 2001 trip ("Hey dude! Where's my passport ?") to be added soon

Images above are courtesy of Geoff Williams

This Page Hosted By Lawley Cottage Home